Manager/Head of Competitive Intelligence and Market Research

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Manager, Head of Competitive and Market Intelligence

Cambridge, MA, USA

At HubSpot, our mission is to help millions of organizations grow better and we need exceptional leaders to help us do that. As Manager, Competitive and Market Intelligence, you’ll join our product marketing team to manage the Competitive Intelligence and Market Research programs, which are core to helping us analyze, react, and lead in an ever-changing marketing and sales software environment.  

In this role, you will: 

  • Know HubSpot’s platform inside and out, and how it compares to other marketing and sales software (Past experience in the SaaS space is a plus)
  • Be a player-coach in Competitive Intelligence, doing hands-on analysis and content work. This will be the core focus of the role, but you will also be responsible for helping build and guide our market research efforts. 
  • Conduct market analysis to gain a deep understanding of market conditions and the competition
  • Conduct live training sessions and develop tools to help sales reps be more efficient
  • Support the sales team on key deals, giving great demos and jumping on calls with prospects or customers when needed
  • Create sales collateral that showcases the inbound vision and HubSpot’s software
  • Experiment with new, better, more scalable ways to do all of the above (Technical acumen around NLP and data mining is a plus)
  • Be an empathetic and agile leader who has a history of supporting a team to do their best work
  • Drive awareness and adoption of the team’s insights across the business. This includes presentations for the executive leadership team
  • Support sales teams in partnership with Sales Enablement through scalable self-serve competitive assets (internal and external facing). Provide high touch support on sales deals and in competitive situations with customers (present to prospects and customers if needed). 

To be successful in this job, you need to:

  • Be an innovator who is always creating better ways to do things and questions the status quo.
  • Have experience developing a team of direct and indirect reports of varying career levels.
  • Love rolling up your sleeves and getting into the work. 
  • Have experience using and analyzing software.
  • Have experience managing a team successfully and independently.
  • Have an understanding of sales reps needs and experience with creating the right methodologies to ensure their success. They’re short on time, need to make a quota and have all different types of sales styles. It’s important to make clear, concise and flexible sales tools.
  • Think analytically. Instinctively ask, “How do I know if this is successful?” “How do I measure it?” 
  • Embrace change. Things are constantly changing at HubSpot. You need to be open to and comfortable with ambiguity.
  • Have strong presentation skills. 
  • Be comfortable using tools like SQL, Looker, and Amplitude
  • Be highly organized and have a high level of accountability for the quality and outcomes of your work and your team’s work
  • As mentioned above: Technical acumen with data mining and NLP is a plus. As is experience in the SaaS space and working closely with Sales. 

Sound like a good fit? We’d love to hear from you. 

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